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Still really amazed with the packaging, it’s very neat and nice with a freebie included and also the transaction was smooth. I got the item for just less than 24 hours. Bilis dba!!!!I would definitely recommend “Best Finds Here” to my friends as well as the seller. You know she’s very nice and responsive even in the middle of the night she keeps on answering my queries napakaporofessional po nya kausap... Kaya naman big thumbs up and salute to this persevering seller. Thank you ma’am.

Joan Elisabeth J.

Thank you very much for the smooth transaction and for patiently answering my one million questions hehe! I won't be too worried anymore when I go to the supermarket, bank, or even in my own home because I have extra protection.Until the next transaction!

Maricar F.

At first i was a bit hesitant to purchase but the seller is very accommodating and its worth the risk. I found this online store on a Youtube recommendation. I tried the smoke test and it did its job. I reccomend you to buy also Aviche M1 Air purifier.Thank you po ulit😄

John S.

Buying online is not my thing. I admit that I was worried if this is legit and if I'll get my package in good condition but Best Finds Here made me feel comfortable. She was very polite and accomodating. Shipping to province is not that bad considering our current situation.For those who wants to add protection against the virus, don't hesitate to send BFH a message. This is 100% legit and more affordable than other online sellers.Thank you and God bless. 😊

Marietess R. D.

I highly recommend Aviche W3 air purifier... it helped ease my mom's sensitivity to dust and it is very essential these days for a cleaner and healthier air we breathe.

Anna Rhaiza C.