59S™ P11 UVC LED Sterilizer Bag


A portable UVC LED sterilizer whenever or wherever you are. It's 100% ozone free, eco-friendly, and chemical-free sterilizer bag that is safe for your little ones. This bag can also be used as a storage for feeding bottles, tableware, and cups. Safe to operate as it auto-stops once it's opened. Once fully charged, you can use it over and over for up to 18 times, which is ideal for long trips without immediate access to electricity. What's even better is that sterilizing only takes three minutes!
  • Includes nine pieces of 2A UVC LED beads
  • LED wavelength is 260-280nm and lifespan of 10,000 hours
  • Power source: Electric (5V input voltage, 8W output power) box comes with FREE 59s Powerbank
  • Input interface is micro USB
  • Size 250x190x120mm
  • Net Weight 350g
  • Automatically shuts off when opened
  • No radiation and non-toxic with no chemical residue
  • Mercury and ozone-free
Sterilization of any product from baby bottles, gadgets, makeup tools, baby items, etc. BEST FINDS HERE makes sure that you will get a 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION because we are offering 7 days replacement and 1 year manufacturer warranty for your purchase!