Multifunctional Continuous Spray Fine Mist Clear Bottle - (200ml, 300ml)

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Brand: Best Finds Here

Product name: Continuous Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Material: PET Plastic

Height: 20cm and 25cm

Capacity: 200 ml and 300 ml 

Color: Transparent

Usage: Disinfecting, Facial Misting, Plants Watering




MISTY NOZZLE: 0.3mm diameter spray nozzle continuous spraying ultra-fine mist. 

CONTINUOUS SPRAYING: Wide mist-like spray adheres evenly and perfectly to all types of surface.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfortable touch feeling with elegant and stylish appearance.

SUPERCHARGING EFFECT: Pull the trigger quickly and continuously. Built-in pressurization device and continuous spray.

HIGH STRENGTH PET BOTTLE: Highlight polishing, beautiful and durable.

APPLICABLE OCCASIONS: Large capacity design, wide range of applications, a variety of occasions whether for professional or home application. 

BEST FINDS HERE makes sure that you will get a 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION