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Athena Magick Oil (Wisdom)

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ATHENA - The Goddess of Wisdom


“I stand in my power, for I am a being of the Divine Light.” 


~ Athena (Wisdom & Psychic Protection)
Spiritual Magick Oil 15ml


- To enhance feelings during meditation
- Helps you feel grounded, centered, and focused
- Deepens insights and connection to the Higher Realms
- Protects against psychic vampires by strengthening connection to Divine Beings
- For spiritual journey


Athena also helps healers not get depleted during healing sessions and in developing Clairs.  


USES: anoint, wear, bathe


Our spiritual magick oils are ceremonially handcrafted by a Shamanic Plant Medicine Healer and Reiki Master-Teacher for self-care, wellness, and spiritual journey.


Made of real herbs and pure therapeutic oils, brewed and charged with the power of the moon, and in small batches.


Instructions & Manifestation card included.