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Year of the Snake 2021 Female Feng Shui Bracelet

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"Feng Shui Bracelet: Year of the Snake 2021"

The birth years of the Snake are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.


Aventurine is the “Luckiest Stone” it is a Chalcedony and in Italian, the word Aventura, which Aventurine was named after, means chance, a hint at the great fortune this stone can bestow upon you. The best ones are from Brazil and Chile. And Green aventurine is believed to be more powerful than the other aventurine colors. It has long been thought to bring abundance, good luck and opportunity. According to folklore, carrying a piece of green aventurine in a left-side pocket while purchasing a lottery ticket and betting on any numbers game as it imparts good luck in this areas. Green aventurine meaning has a lot to do with its reputation as the "Stone of Opportunity." It imparts a winning attitude and energy, naturally improving the likelihood of success in all areas of life. The green quartz is ideal for any situation from a first date to passing exams or getting a promotion at work or getting that job advantage.

Red Jade is a strong life force stone. It helps dispel worries, doubts and fears. It is highly stimulating and as such encourages one to take action and gives knowledge and wisdom and good chi. This stone is a strong cleanser which improves the functions of the elimination and filtration organs. This stone will also help you a lot in terms of jumpstarting your finances. If you are looking for a new job or aiming for a promotion red jade can help you a lot.



The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of Health and since all illness ultimately originates in the mind with the so-called three poisons (attachments, hatreds and ignorance) it is good to have the Medicine Buddha energy on guard. The legend says that this Buddha transformed himself into a radiant blue light during a great gathering of people and taught the knowledge of healing and medicine. His healing, is both physical and emotional. Any pain and suffering he helps eases. While the WuLou or HuLu is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi, for the reason that Taoist monks use the gourd to incarcerate evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, monks and deities of the Taoist belief made use of the gourd, trapping evil presences inside to prevent them from causing misdemeanour. This is where the Wu Lou got the ideology of being able to absorb negative chi in your surrounding.It is used to improve health or for protection against illness as well as to promote good fortune and “healthy” energy all around. It is a very protective symbol, which can be used in many different areas of our life to guard us against any type of negative energy. When we feel stagnant and stuck, a wu luo can bring healthy energy that helps us grow. Choose a symbol such as a necklace, jade pendant or other talisman, such as a purse charm to carry with you and promote good fortune and good, healthy growing energy The gourd can take malevolent energies of the bad intentions or gossip of others and transform it so that it cannot harm you. A wu lou can help protect you from their destructive aims and promote your health and well-being.


This bracelet is designed by a Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and Reiki Master-Teacher for Charms For Luck.